"To my fellow nominees. I’m so proud to stand alongside you and to the Academy. Thank you.

In 1971. Bossier City, Louisiana.  A teenage girl finds out she’s pregnant with her second child. She’s a high school drop out. A single mom. But against all odds, she manages to make a better life for herself and her children. She teaches them to be creative. To work hard. And reach for the impossible. That girl is my mother and she’s here tonight. Mom, I love you thank you for teaching me to dream.

To my brother, Shannon. Thank you for sharing the incredible adventure with me that is Thirty Seconds To Mars. You are a true artist and the best big brother in the world.

To all the dreamers around the world watching this right now, from the Ukraine to Venezuela – We think of you as you struggle to bring to life the dreams that fill your heart. The impossible is possible, and we believe.

To the amazing Focus Features, Jean Marc. Matthew. Jennifer. The entire Dallas Buyers team. Mick Sullivan. Jim Toth. Robin Baum. Jason Weinberg. Emma Ludbrook and Cali Adams. Thank you for the faith.

This is for the 36 million brave souls who lost their lives to AIDS.

And to anyone who ever felt injustice because of who they are or who they love. Tonight, I stand before the world, with you and for you.”




86th Annual Academy Awards


Trayko Petrov


so i was explaining agglutination in finnish to some friends using this word as an example

and i just had that periodical realisation of how fucking weird finnish (and other similar languages) must be to non-speakers


The Spoon Gang. Alive and kicking since 2012.

Some of you here have been witnesses to some weird things concerning spoons when it comes to the three of us. Lots and lots of spoon(ing)s. Yeah. I have no idea. Anyway, Hypnolepsia took the joke on a higher level and surprised Elsmaster and me by actually giving us all our own matching spoons. Which are fabulous. They have our initials carved on them, E.I.H., which hilariously form a “word” which pretty much sums the whole thing for the derp we do. Freely translated: “NOPE” or “OH GOD NO”

These guys are butts.


The Idiot Trio together again! Now more beautiful than ever!




Illustrations by Spanish Artist Ariana Perez

celine dion playing in the distance


Addams Family Values (1993)

Gomez knows how its fucking done.